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~Shyy, Jun 24, 12 2:12 AM.
Due to the unexpected 2x announced this weekend and the crazy farming involved in it - We have decided to postpone the Treasure Hunt.  The new date will be announced as soon as we have an Officers Meeting.  Sorry for the inconvience. 


~Shyy, Jun 5, 12 12:00 PM.

When:   Sunday June 24th at 11:00 Server time
Where:  TBA

This event will be a treasure hunt - You will be given clues that will lead to officers who will be hidden around the map.  Each found officer will offer another clue and so forth - leading to the final clue and the prizes that await!  All participating officers must delete participating faction members from their friends lists to keep things legit.  Participates can choose to work together or alone.  First to arrive will be awarded prizes in order of final arrival.  Prizes to be announced as the event comes closer!  See you there!!

Temporary Change in Leadership

~Shyy, May 22, 12 11:13 AM.
Hello all,
  As many of you know, Pboo has been taking classes and very busy in r/l and hasnt been around much so he has decided to pass leadership to me, TEMPORARILY, until his classes are finished and he has time to get on the game and such.  He will be back - as soon as he can!  He cares about the guild and feels like it would be better to have me able to take care of the base and faction matters for now.  That said - please continue to do your base quests and be looking forward to an upcoming event around the middle of June!!

*hugs* Shyy

And the winners are.....

~Shyy, Apr 25, 12 12:51 PM.
!st Place:  Pownager with an incredible 38 recruits!  FANTASTIC JOB! Your Stone of Savant will be delivered today! GRATZ!!

2nd Place: Wolfe with 12 recruits! Great work Benji!!  His prize is the Frostcovered: Sign of Frost! GRATZ!

3rd Place: ProChan with 5 recruits!  Super job! She will be receiving 10 WiIldlife Packs!

4th Place: CandiePain, FlyinThunder and Lauren will receive 5 packs each!  Good Job and GRATZ!

5th Place: Baha, Foge and MetalMinion will each receive a platnium HP or MP charm! Nice Work!

And now for some small prizes to show our appreciation and maybe to laugh with you a bit:

Most recruitments who left immeditely after being recruited:  Kaka with a whopping 3 recruites!  Nice attempt Kaka - Your prize a Baby Elysium Fowl (also known as a rooster!)

Biggest Recruitment "oops" goes to Lala for accidentally inviting a level 40+ who graciously left after Red had words with them!  Your prize:  a Bad Panda (*spanks*!)

Most "graceful" bow out when it became apparent that he was not going to win against the Powninator.........Wolfe - Your prize a baby Kitty (also known by other names which I shall not type!)

Thank you all for your hard work in making this contest and this guild a success!  We appreciate your dedication and hope to grow stronger and closer with these fun events!  Stay tuned for the announcement for next months big will involve your knowledge of the Perfect World!!

Recruitment Event Numbers

~Shyy, Apr 19, 12 2:13 PM.
Fantastic job so far guys and gals!  Heres how its looking so far....

Pownager...................Recruited  38 people
Wolfe.........................Recruited  12 people
ProChan.....................Recruited  5 people
Candie........................Recruited  2 people
Fly.............................Recruited  2 people
Lala............................Recruited  2 Person
Baha...........................Recruited  1 Person
Foge............................Recruited  1 Person
MetalMinion................Recruited  1 Person

Keep up the good work - I will update daily!

April Recruitment Event!

~Shyy, Apr 16, 12 9:36 PM.
Now that we have cleaned house of the inactives - Lets find some new friends!  Starting after server maintenance on Tuesday (April 17th/18th) until the following Tuesday (April 24th) we will be having a friendly contest to see who can recruit the most new VanGuardians!  Please remember that we require level 70+ and active, helpful players.  Of course there will be prizes:
1st place - Stone of Savant
2nd place - Frostcovered: Sign Force
3rd place - 10 Wild Life Packs
4th Place - 5 Easy Rider Packs
5th place - Platnium Hp Charm
6th place - Platnium Mp Charm

There will also be some other fun prizes some other categories to be announced when rewarded.  Recruitments will be tracked by name of recruitee and new member name.  Lets get out there and make this an active faction again!!  BTW - Only Pboo and I are exempt from this contest!  Have fun!


~Shyy, Mar 19, 12 6:24 PM.
We would like to try GB trials so that we all can start collecting the mats needed for recasting r8 gears. In order to do this - we need to chose a time that works for most of us. Since many have TW now - Sunday may be the best day to try to organize something. Please reply if you would be interested in participating and what times on Sundays would work best for you. Thx all! *HUGS*
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